About Us

Mission and Objectives

Get a Cane is a non-profit organization established in San Diego County, California. The organization’s goal is to improve the quality of life by providing walking aids to economically disadvantaged individuals. Recycled devices donated from nursing homes, hospitals, and individuals nationwide are redistributed to those in need through our technological platform.

Mission Statement

Get a Cane’s mission is to provide mobility aids to those who cannot afford them.


1. Give impoversihed people access to ambulatory aids:

Mobility is something humans often take for granted. Disability is particularly weakening for blue collar workers who may be unable to work due to their physical ailments. Get a Cane, in solidarity with such people, aims to provide expensive medical aids to those who cannot afford them.

2. Inspire spirit of conservation:

Billions of dollars worth of mobility devices are trashed every year. We want to prevent these perfectly usable items from going to the dumpster and instead put them in the hands of individuals who need them.

3. Promote generosity:

We want to encourage a global community of givers. To foster this spirit of altruism and philanthropy, we provide the vehicle for magnanimity. Help us advance the spirit of charity by donating now!

Our Services

Walking Aid Donations

Details of donated walking aids such as canes and walkers will be uploaded on our website. Interested recipients can find our collection of products online and may be asked to pay for a fraction of the shipping cost. Recipients may also come to our location to pick up their products free of cost.

Effective Matching

Our technology will allow for simple, user-friendly matching. Potential recipients will be able to sort and select walking aids that are most suitable for them based on characteristics that they themselves determine.

How Donations Work

STEP 1: We Get Donations

Individuals can drop off unused or no longer needed walking aids at Our Address.

Individuals can donate unused or no longer needed walking aids with one click. They will then simply need to pack and ship the device. Once the donation is recieved, part of the shipping cost will be covered by Get A Cane. For more details, Contact Us.

Companies and institutions that manufacture walking devices can support our cause by donating new walking aids. For more details, Contact Us.

STEP 2: Uploading Details

After donations will be received, our staff and volunteers will upload details of the canes, walkers, and other walking aid devices to our website.

The objects will be classified based on the following standards with pictures uploaded on to the site:

Based on quality of the good and its cost for shipping, prices of the goods for online purchase will be determined (Generally around $7.00).

STEP 3: You Purchase Donations

You can come pick up devices at our location during open hours. The cost of picked up goods are free.

You can get the products online as well. All you need to provide is the address where you would like the device to be shipped and basic contact information. To get our products online click here.

Please Note: Donations are for those who only cannot afford these devices due to unfavorable financial circumstances. PLEASE DO NOT PURCHASE DEVICES IF YOU CAN AFFORD THOSE ON THE MARKET. We may ask people proof of financial disadvantages if suspicion of buyer arises

STEP 4: Shipping Donations

Donations will be shipped and should reach donors within 2-3 weeks. Once shipped, recipients will receive an email. Shipping progress updates will also be sent to the email address. If the donation is not received in 21 business days or if the buyer experiences any other inconvenience, they can Contact Us at any time.

About Our Founders

Khush Kharidia

An undergraduate student at UC San Diego majoring in human biology, I cherish service opportunities and hence decided to volunteer at a local hospital. One day during my shift, I saw a fatigued elderly man walk haltingly into the atrium of the hospital. Seeing that he desperately needed help, I pulled out a spare wheelchair and requested he sit in it. The first words he spoke clung onto me as I walked him to his clinic: "Wish I could afford one of these." Upon returning to the atrium, the sheer number of walking aids that were present grabbed my attention as the man's words reverberated in my ears. I wondered, do these devices end up in the trash when they are no longer used? Or are there outlets to recycle them? Upon researching my questions, I learned that the unused walking devices were either trashed or hidden in some dark corner of a garage. The gap in the system was clear; while people struggled to obtain often expensive walking aids, many of these very devices were being tossed into dumpsters. We started Get a Cane in an attempt to breach this gap and bring the walking aids that would be discarded into the hands of those who needed them.

Nihar Mauskar

When I was in high school, I volunteered at a food bank; on weekends I would go there and help sort food shoulder to shoulder with those who would receive it. Those weekends kindled a desire to help others, to make an impact on the lives of those I know and on the lives of those I've never met. Now, I'm an engineering student at the University of California, San Diego and I want to apply what I've learned in computer science to the realm of social good. One afternoon, Khush and I were discussing this idea of creating an organization that would bring walking aids to those who need them. Khush knew the medical side of things, and I could create a platform for these devices to be distributed. That's how it all started. We've founded Get a Cane to continue helping those in need and play our role in connecting technology with humanity.